"This book had me from the first chapter. The emotions that you will feel along with Zen are out of this world. The twists and turns are a roller coaster. You will want to jump through the kindle and smack the guys upside their head so bad. I can not wait for the next book to see what happens."

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"I am so excited. This book is so good. Xenia found love in the wrong place. Her boundaries are up but also she meets Isaiah. He is handsome and says all the right things. Xenia is on an emotional ride. This is a Must-Read! I'm ready for the next book!"

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Who said bumping into the same person several times wasn't fate? Xenia is about to find out the hard way, everything that glitters isn't always gold. From her break up with her ex, Jake, to meeting a new male interest, Isaiah; Xenia learns over the course of a year some hard life lessons, all while trying to keep her sanity in tact. (Published 2017)


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After learning Isaiah was suing her for full custody of Robbie, Xenia thought things couldn’t get any worse until she finds out the Feds infiltrated Isaiah’s home; making him pull another disappearing act. After he decides to reappear, Xenia grills him about his whereabouts only to find out Keely initiated the suit and is hell bent on having Robbie with her and Isaiah. Meanwhile, Jake is working tirelessly on making his way back into Xenia’s heart as a permanent fixture. Will Xenia let her guard down enough to let Jake back into her heart? Will she be able to balance motherhood and career? Will Xenia finally confront Keely and call her out about her shady shenanigans? More importantly, will Xenia lose Robbie? (Published 2019)





Devin Nishea also contributed chapters to the following anthologies authored by women for women, published the Professional Woman Network.

















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