By: Devin Nishea


    The dating chronicles started from a hashtag I used on Facebook to tell about the "funny" stories of my dating experiences. I only posted out of frustration one day and wouldn't you know it, other people (men & women) chimed in as well saying they had gone through something similar. I couldn't believe it, I wasn't alone!

    As a single mom over the age of 35, I've observed it's gotten progressively harder. Not only by my obersvation, but others in my age bracket have run into the same or similar stories regardless if they have children or not. So what's going on?

    Not too long ago I decided to cast my net out a little further to see if my pool would get any better. You kow, change things up a bit to get something different. Before I would only consider a man if he were at least 5 years older and only African American. My age range has now changed and I've also included other races. No diss to my brothers at all, I'll always love yall (in my best Whitney Houston voice).

    But have you ever thought the one for you could be 5 years younger than you? Or they could be of another race or ethnicity? Or they could be very well be in another income bracket?

    You never know until you seriously consider it right?

    Let me say this; no, I'm not bitter, I'm not man bashing nor am I upset with an ex. This is me expressing my feelings and thoughts on my dating journey, as funny or sad as they may seem. LOL


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