Dating With Kids

    This topic, this topic. 

    This honestly may play a ginormous part in my being single. It's scary dating when you have kids. It disturbs me to no end hearing stories about men abusing or even worse, killing their girlfriend's child(ren). How sad is that? How do you take a child's life? Just how much of of bum are you to take a child's life? And why? Because they wouldn't stop crying? Well, that's what kids do; they whine and cry! 

    The narrative is almost the same every time. With further investigation, we then find out the man has a criminal past/record or a history of abuse towards women. It was only a matter of time that abuse would turn into something fatal.

    We have to ask ourselves, how long did the mother know the criminal before introducing her child to him? I don't think you'll know any one person well enough, but when you have children, you have to be even more careful in these dating streets. Everyone doesn't mean your kids well.

    Why would you bring a criminal around your kids kids and into your home after a short amount of time? Especially one with a recent history of abuse or some other violent crime? Did they need some place to live or what? Because I can't think of a reason good enough to have someone like that around my child, let alone ME! It doesn't matter how attractive they are, or let's be good they are in bed. I don't care how you treat your life, but if you have kids and live that reckless, maybe you don't need kids? Or is it the midset of "it's better to have a piece of man than no man at all?"

    Ladies, we have to better when it comes to this; we owe this to our children. If he says he doesn't want kids or even like kids; believe him. Don't hide the fact you have kids. Don't intentionally conceive a child with a man thinking it will change his mind about wanting kids. I couldn't imagine the fall out from that kind of deception.

    Ladies, we research and investigate everything under the sun for our girlfriends, except the men we allow to walk into our lives and around your children?

    We have got to do better...


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